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Pure Creation-Navigation

Level 3:Eames Dream

   1.In the snowy mountains dreamed by Eames.The original plan is to have the floor of the hotel room drop out from underneath the dreamers and thus provide the 'kick' that wakes them up - specifically Eames who is 'hosting' the dream in the snowy mountains.

This is supposed to happen before the van plows through the barrier and off the bridge. However, the timing is thrown off and now that Arthur's body is in free-fall in the van, it translates into his dream of the hotel - thus preventing the floor from dropping once the explosives discharge.

He improvises a kick by moving everyone into the lift and then setting off an explosive to cause the lift to start moving up the shaft (this works much like a rocket on a space craft). To those in the lift, The force of the lift pushing them is equivalent to gravity. Gravity alone is not enough to awaken the dreamers but when the lift hits the roof at the top of the shaft,

The sudden stopping or slowing-down causes the dreamers to first be propelled upwards,
and then fall back to the floor. The result is the same as the inner ear only detects the acceleration due to a force acting on the body,
much like Eames' demonstration of tipping Arthur's chair over to wake him up.

2. Saito's injury reflects level three(As you go down the level the security gonna gets worse.the intensity of injury will come down thats why saito feels much better in level 2 and level 3 he can move and walk freely)

Cobb's projection of Mal sabotages the operation

Cobb&Ariadne notice Fischer in Fortress: There he is.
Cobb"There's someone in there.
Ariadne:Fischer, it's a trap. Get out.

Cobb:Come on. Come on, a little lower.


No, she is not real.

Cobb:How do you know that?

She is just a projection.
Fischer. Fischer is real.

(Mal kills Fischer)


Eames, get to the antechamber now!

What happened?
Mal killed fisher

Cobb:l couldn't shoot her.

There's no use in reviving him.
His mind's already trapped down there.

Cobb:lt's all over.

Eames:So that's it, then? We failed?

Cobb:We're done. l'm sorry.

Eames:lt's not me that doesn't get back
to my family, is it?

Shame. l wanted to know what was
gonna happen in there. l swear we had this.

Cobb:Let's set the charges.

Ariadne:No, there's still another way.

We just have to follow fisher down there
Eames:Not Enough time

Eames:No, but there will be enough time
down there.

Ariadne:And we will find him.
Okay, as soon as Arthur's music kicks in,
just use the defibrillator to revive him.

We can give him his own kick
down below.

Look, you get him in there.

As soon as the music ends, you blow up the hospital
and we all ride the kick
back up the layers.

Eames:lt's worth a shot, if Saito can hold
the guards off while l set the charges.

Cobb::Saito will never make it, will he?

Ariadne:Cobb, come on. We've gotta try this.

Eames to cobb:go for it,lf you are not back before the kick,
l am gone with or without you.

Cobb:She's right. She's right.
Come on. Let's go.

Can l trust you to do
what needs to happen here?

Cobb:Mal's gonna be down there.

l know where to find her.
She'll have Fischer.

Ariadne:how do you know?
She wants me to come after him

She wants me back down there with her.

All right?

And this is where she'll be.

Ariadne:You built all this? This is incredible.
Come on.

Saito. Saito.

Eames to Saito:l need you to take care of Fischer
while l go set some charges, okay?

Saito:No room for tourists on these jobs.

Eames:Don't be silly.

(Eames stays back in level 3 and saito's injury getting worsen Cobb and Ariadne Enters limbo)

Limbo is a shared environment not limited to a single subconscious.its"unconstructed dream space". It is filled with Cobb's decaying city because he is the only one in the group
who has experienced limbo before.

Cobb and Ariadne enters limbo to find Fischer then confronts his projection of wife Mal, who tries to convince him to stay with her and his kids in limbo.

Cobb refuses and confesses that he was responsible for Mal's suicide to help her escape from limbo during a shared dream experience,

Cobb knew inception was possible because he already done it to Mal.that the world is not real.
(he inspired in her the idea that her world wasn't real)

Once she had returned to reality, she became convinced that she was still dreaming and needed to die in order to wake up.

Ariadne:We need to get Fischer
Mal:you cant have him
Cobb to Mal:if i stay here,will you let him go?
Ariadne:what are you talking about?
Mal agrees and tells Cobb that Fischer is on  the porch
Ariadne finds Fischer and in 3rd level Fischer wakes up action from defibrillator

Ariadne:Fischer is here its time for you to come now
Cobb:you take Fischer with you,all right?
Ariadne:you cant stay here to be with her
Cobb: I'm not,Saito is dead by now.
That means he is down somewhere here,that means i have to find him

Cobb: I can't stay with her anymore because she doesn't exist.
Mal: I'm the only thing you do believe in anymore.

Cobb: I wish. I wish more than anything. But I can't imagine you with all your complexity,
all you perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade of my real wife.
You're the best I can do; but I'm sorry, you are just not good enough

Mal:does this feels real she almost kills Cobb with knife and Cobb got wounded.
Ariadne shoots Mal immediately
Cobb to Ariadne:What are you doing?

and Ariadne pushes Fischer from top of the Building porch and she is ready to fall from the upper floor of the building

Cobb:That's the kick, Ariadne! (jumping from the building itself is a kick because Cobb is already in limbo with Mal before)
You have to go now!
Ariadne:Find Saito and bring him back!

Mal dies from Ariadne's gunshot and Cobb ready to die from Mal's knife wound.

Through his confession, Cobb attains catharsis and chooses to remain in limbo to search for Saito!

in Level 3
Eames with the help of defibrillator Fischer to bring him back up to the third-level mountain fortress,
where he enters a safe room and discovers and accepts the idea to split up his father's business empire.

Fishers projection of father's appear in the vault. Eames need to come up with something to put in the safe
By now, the random number(528491) Fischer comes up will be the security code for his safe.

Maurice Fischer: I was dis..dis..

Jr. Fischer:l know you were disappointed...

Maurice Fischer:I was disappointed...
 that you tried.

(paper fan/pinwheel from the picture Fischer cherished most) to let Fischer thinks that his father doesn't want Fischer to be him

Inception job Completes in level 3

Fischer to Browning:You know, the will means that Dad
wanted me to be my own man...

That's what I'm gonna do, Uncle Peter.(Idea to be planted: My father doesn't want me to be him. and its successful Inception job completed)

Cobb finds an elderly Saito who has been waiting in limbo for decades in limbo
and cobb make him realise that he is in dream by remembering their arrangement.
(I'm waiting for someone.


We were young men together.

Filled with regret.

l've come back for you.

Something you once knew.

To convince me to honor
our arrangement?

Come back...
young men together again

The team awakens on the flight; Saito arranges for Cobb to get through U.S. customs by making a phone call,
and Cobb reunites with his children.  

Interesting facts about Inception:

1.Mal shoots Fisher the moment he got shot we can see the wound right hand chest and blood is visible
when Fischer recovers from the kick after he found out by Ariadne in the porch of limbo we can find the blood stain over the left side of his chest.

2.Totem: Cobb's spinning top, Arthur's weighted die, Ariadne's weighted chess piece, and poker chips.An elegant solution for keeping track of reality.We can notice the wedding ring in a dream not in the reality! at the end of the film Cobb doesn't wear the ring..that means he is in the real world.

the top which is used by Cobb is actually from Mal's.when Cobb and Mal woke up from the dream & Cobb planted an idea in her mind that

The smallest idea, such as:''This world is not real.'' even in reality after she woke up she start spinning it it will never stop bcoz in her subconscious the top is spinning endlessly.

You know where you hope
this train will take you...

...but you don't know for sure.

But it doesn't matter.

How can it not matter to you
where that train will take you?

Because you'll be together.

3.Navigation of mind: Prof. Stephen Miles, Cobb's mentor and father-in-law, Mal must know about shared dreaming before..

(Cobb:I'm just doing what l know.
I'm doing what you taught me.

Miles:l never taught you to be a thief.

Cobb:No, you taught me to navigate
people's minds.

But after what happened...

...there weren't a whole lot of legitimate
ways for me to use that skill.)

I'm extremely thankful to the ones who inspired me to write this series! will be soon with my collections and PDF..(will edit in the same post :P)


Sravya Vattikuti said...

హ్మ్ ! బావుంది మొత్తానికి పూర్తి చేసారు :)

"navigate people's minds " సినిమా చూసిన తరవాత పదే పదే నేను ఈ సినిమా గురించి ఆలోచించటానికి ఆ కాన్సెప్ట్ ఒక కారణం . ఎప్పుడన్నా ఈ పని చేయకూడదు (ex .ఆఫీసు లో బజ్, బ్లాగులు చదవకూడదు etc ) వద్దు వద్దు అనుకున్నా సరే నా మనస్సు విననప్పుడు అబ్బ ఎవరన్నా ఈ కాన్సెప్ట్ తో మైండ్ లో inception అనిపించటం . అలాగే ఎదుటి వాళ్ళ కలలోకి వెళ్లి వాళ్ళు మనసులో మన గురించి మన ఇష్టం వచ్చినట్లు "ఇన్సుప్ట్" చెయ్యొచ్చు గా అన్న సరదా ఆలోచన . ఇంతకీ మీరు ఎన్ని సార్లు ఈ సినిమా చూసారు :)

వేణూరాం said...

excellent post.. harekrishNa garu..
i wanna see this movie again.. :):)

హరే కృష్ణ said...

శ్రావ్య గారు థాంక్ యూ థాంక్ యూ..:)
yes,Navigation Absolutely pure creation.kudos to Christopher Nolan
మీరు సామాన్యులు కాదు inception ట్రై చేద్దామనుకున్నారా కేకంతే :)
నేనూ ఇంచుమించు interpretations కోసం చాలా కష్టపడాల్సి వచ్చింది..అలా లాజిక్లన్నీ రాసుకున్నాక ఒక క్లారిటీ వచ్చింది
theater లో చూసినప్పుడు బాగానే అర్ధం అయ్యేది బయటికి వచ్చాకా మొదటి సీన్ dream with in a dream అని కూడా మర్చిపోయాను,,మిగతా లాజిక్ లు ఆలోచిస్తూ :)
DVD వచ్చాక ఇంకా సినిమా మీద చూస్తున్న కొద్దీ ఇంట్రెస్ట్ పెరుగుతూనే వచ్చింది..ఇలా ఈ సిరీస్ పూర్తిచేయగలిగాను.

పదిహేను ఇరవై సార్లు చూసుంటా,పోస్ట్ రాసేటప్పుడు రెండు సార్లు ఆయా లెవెల్స్ చూడడం తప్పని సరి..:)

హరే కృష్ణ said...

Navigation part 1

Ariadne:How did architects become involved?

Cobb:Well, someone had to design
the dreams, right?
Why don't you give us
another five minutes?

Ariadne:Five minutes?

What ? We were talking
for, like, at least an hour.

Cobb:In a dream, your mind functions more quickly...

...therefore time seems
to feel more slow.

Arthur:Five minutes in the real world
gives you an hour in the dream.

Cobb:Why don't you see what you
can get up to in five minutes?
(then they enters in Ariadne's dream)
Almost everything else is here too.

Ariadne:Who are the people?
Cobb:my projections of subconsciousness

Remember, you are the dreamer.
You build this world.

l am the subject. My mind populates it.

You can literally talk
to my subconscious.

That's one of the ways we extract
information from the subject.

Ariadne:How else do you do it?

Cobb:By creating something secure,
like a bank vault or a jail.

The mind automatically fills it
with information it's trying to protect.
You create the world of the dream.

We bring the subject into that dream,
and they fill it with their subconscious.

Ariadne:How could I ever acquire enough detail
to make them think that it's reality?

Well, dreams, they feel real
while we're in them, right?

It's only when we wake up that we realize
something was actually strange.

హరే కృష్ణ said...

Cobb:l know this bridge.
This place is real, isn't it?

Ariadne:Yeah, l cross it every day
to get to the college.

Cobb:Never re-create places from your memory.
Always imagine new places.

Ariadne:You draw from stuff you know, right?

Cobb:Only use details. A streetlamp
or a phone booth. Never entire areas.

Ariadne:why not?
Cobb:Building a dream from you memory is the easiest way to lose your grasp
on what's real and what is a dream.

Ariadne:That why you need me
to build your dreams?

Cobb:Hey, get off of her. Back up. Back up.
Mal kills Ariadne
Ariadne tells Cobb
The truth that, at any minute, you might
bring a freight train through the wall.

The truth that Mal is bursting
through your subconscious.

And the truth that,
as we go deeper into Fischer...

...we're also going deeper into you.

that's why she went along with the team even Cobb promise Prof:Miles that
prof Miles:So you want me to let someone else follow you into your fantasy?

Cobb:They don't actually come into the dream.

They just design the levels
and teach them to the dreamers. That's all.
Ariadne after sharing the dream with cobb she feels that Cobb is struggling with Mal
The team needs someone who
understands what you're struggling with.

And it doesn't have to be me.but then you have to show Arthur
what l just saw.

Cobb tells Saito to get another seat on the plane for Ariadne.

హరే కృష్ణ said...

వేణూరాం :)
Thanks a lot!

Sravya Vattikuti said...

హ హ ! అవును ఇవాళ కూడా ఆలోచిస్తున్నా దీన్ని గురించే అందరూ మంచు గారి బ్లాగులో తననే సపోర్ట్ చేస్తుంటే , హాయి గా ఇదేదో తెలిస్తే అందరి మైండ్స్ లో నేను చెప్పేది కరెక్టు అని ఇన్సుప్ట్ చేసి పడేద్దును కదా అని :)

హరే కృష్ణ said...

హ హ్హ శ్రావ్య గారు :))
నాకెందుకో అటువంటి డిస్కషన్స్ లో inception కంటే extraction బెటర్ ఏమో! మళ్ళీ వేరే బ్లాగ్ లో ఎదురు పడ్డప్పుడు safe full of secrets ని వెలికి తీయొచ్చు :)

కావ్య said...

హరే కృష్ణ గారు ..చాల బాగా ఎక్ష్ప్లైన్ చేసారు .. ఇన్ఫాక్ట్ నేను ఫస్ట్ టైం చూసినప్పుడు నాకు అస్సలు అర్ధం కాలేదు .. నా బుర్రేసుకుని మా ఆఫీసులో ఒకడికి ఒక డ్రీం ఎక్ష్ప్లైన్ చేస్తే గిల గిల లాడిపోయాడు .. దెబ్బకి రెండో సారి చూసి అర్ధం చేసుకోవాల్సి వచ్చింది .. ఈ పోస్ట్ చదివితే ఇంకా బాగా అర్ధం అయింది

హరే కృష్ణ said...

కావ్య..థాంక్ యూ థాంక్ యూ..
మా కొలీగ్స్ కి కూడా ఇలానే బుర్ర తినేసేవాడిని డ్రీం లెవెల్స్ ఎక్ష్ప్లైన్ చేసేసేస్తూ..
Interpretations చాలా జాగ్రత్త గా ఆలోచిస్తే కాని అర్ధం అయ్యేది కాదు!

హమ్మయ్య అర్ధం అయ్యేలా చెప్పాను అని చెప్పినందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు :)

శివరంజని said...

హరే కృష్ణ గారు చాలా లేట్ గా చూసాను ....మీ పోస్ట్ సారీ ...సారీ ..సారీ ...

Anonymous said...

Very good review. Thank you for sharing it with us. This movie is one of those first-day-first-show movie I have seen after a long time. I too discussed this movie among friends for a long time. ;). I liked the creative out of box thinking of the director more than graphics and cinematography. I found about 5 bloopers while watching it but later found out that there are 38 of such. Being a fan, this might interest you.
-- Bujjigadu (made in Guntur)

హరే కృష్ణ said...

బుజ్జి interesting!
థాంక్స్ ఫర్ ది రెస్పాన్స్ :)
చాలా మంచి లింక్ ఇచ్చారు Many Thanks :)