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Gravity Shift-Level 2

Level 2-Arthur's Dream

రెండో లెవెల్ లో ..Fischer తను డ్రీం లో ఉన్నాడని చెప్పడమే లక్ష్యం గా ఒక హోటల్(Arthur Dream)  లోనికి వెళ్తారు.
ఇలా team లో ఇద్దరు చెప్పున ఒకే దగ్గర ఉంటారు..యూసఫ్ synchronized కిక్ కోసం లెవెల్ 1 లో drive చేస్తూ ఉంటాడు.

Eames as women to Fischer: Am l boring you?
l was telling you my story.l guess it wasn't to your liking.

Fisher:Um, I have a lot on my mind.

Arthur to Ariadne:There goes Mr. Charles.

Cobb to Fischer:Mr. Fischer, right? Pleasure to see you again.Rod Green from marketing.
Cobb to women:you must be
Woman:Leaving.. :D
Woman to fischer:ln case you get bored. (She writes a number on tissue)

Cobb to Fischer:Must've blown you off,That is, unless her phone number
really is only six digits.Funny way to make friends,someone stealing your wallet like that.(Fischer checks his missing wallet)

Fischer:Goddamn it. The wallet alone is worth at least 500

Cobb:About $500, right? Don't worry about it.
My people are already on it as we speak.(Cobb catches Fischer's attention  by ensuring his wallet then gains his trust)

Ariadne:Who or what is Mr. Charles?

Arthur:It's a gambit designed to turn Fischer against his own subconscious.

Ariadne:And why don't you approve?

Arthur:It involves telling the mark(Fischer) that he's dreaming..
Which involves attracting a lot of attention to us.

Ariadne:Didn't Cobb say never to do that?
Arthur:Hmm,so you've noticed how much time Cobb spends doing things he says never to do.

(Eames Entering into Lift)
Woman to saito:Mr.Saito can i have a moment i'm sorry but I'm sorry, but....
Hold on! Wait!
Eames:You look a bit perkier.

Saito:Very amusing, Mr. Eames.

Yusuf:Turbulence on the plane?

Eames:No, it's much closer.That's Yusuf's driving. :D

Fischer to Cobb:Um, l'm sorry.Who did you say you were?

Cobb:Rod Green from marketing.But that's not true at all, is it?
My name is Mr. Charles.You remember me, don't you?
I'm the head of your security down here.

Eames to Saito:Get out on a different floor,
keep moving.

Eames:Dump the wallet.
Security will be looking for that.
Eames comes out of lift:We need to buy cobb a little more time. :D  :D

Fischer:Security,huh? You work for the hotel?
Cobb:no,no..I specialize in a very specific type of security, Subconscious security.

Fischer:You're talking about dreams? Are you talking about, um, extraction?

Cobb:l am here to protect you. Mr. Fischer, l'm here to protect you in the event... that someone tries to access your mind through your dreams.

Cobb:You're not safe here.They're coming for you.
 Strange weather, isn't it?

You feel that?

Ariadne:What's happening? (Every body looks at Arthur and Ariadne because the subconscious feels that some body is creating this world)

Arthur:Cobb's drawing Fischer's attention
to the strangeness of the dream which is making his subconscious Iook for the dreamer.

Arthur:For me. Quick, give me a kiss.

Ariadne:They're still looking at us.
Arthur:Yeah it was worth a shot.We should probably get out of here. :D

Cobb:You feel that? You've actually
been trained for this, Mr. Fischer. Pay attention to the strangeness
of the weather, the shift in gravity.

None of this is real. You're in a dream.

Now, the easiest way for you to test to try and remember how you arrived
at this hotel. Can you do that?

Fischer:Yeah, l....

Cobb:No, breathe, breathe.
Remember your training.

Accept the fact that you're in a dream,
and l'm here to protect you. Go on.

Fischer:Mm-hm.You're not real?

Cobb:No. l'm a projection of your subconscious.

l was sent here to protect you
in the event that extractors tried to pull you into a dream.

And l believe that's what's going on right now, Mr. Fischer.


Can you get me out of here?

Cobb:Right away. Follow me.

Fischer:Hold on a second.
(Cobb kills two of security projections in the Wash room of the hotel)

Fischer:Jesus Christ! What are you doing?

Cobb:These men were sent here to abduct you, all right?

Cobb:lf you want my help, you have to remain calm.
l need you to work with me, Mr. Fischer.(Cobb provides the gun to fisher)

Fisher:(gun pointing on to his own head) lf this is a dream, l should just kill myself to wake up, right?

Cobb:l wouldn't do that if l were you,Mr. Fischer.

l believe they have you sedated,and if you pull that may not wake up.You may go into a further dream state.

Now, you know what l'm talking about.

You remember the training.

Remember what l said to you.

Give me the gun. (Fischer give away the gun to Cobb)

(Ariadne and Arthur Enters Room no.491 of the Hotel)

Arthur:This room should be directly below 528?
Ariadne:yeah (coz she is the architect who designed the dreams)

Safe beeps-Arthur takes detonators

(In Wash room)
Cobb:Think, Mr. Fischer, think. What do you remember from before this dream?

Fischer:There was, um, a lot of gunfire.There was rain.

Cobb:Uncle Peter.

Fischer:Oh, my God, we've been kidnapped.
Cobb:where were they holding you

Fischer:They had us on the back of a van.
Cobb:That explains gravity shiftsYou're in the back of a van.
Keep going.

Fischer:lt had something to do with, umSomething to do with a safe.
God, why is it so hard to remember?

Cobb:lt's like trying to remember a dream after you've woken up.Listen, it takes years of practice.
You and Browning have been pulled into this dream...Coz they're trying to steal something from your mind.

l need you to focus and tryand remember what that is.
What is it, Mr. Fischer? Think!

Fischer:A combination.They demanded the first numbers to pop into my head.

Cobb:They're trying to extract a number from your subconscious.
lt can represent anything.We're in a hotel right now.

We should try hotel rooms.What was the number, Mr. Fischer?
Try and remember for me.This is very important.

Five, two - It was something,it was a long number.

Cobb:That's good enough. We can start there.Fifth floor.


Ariadne:did you use a timer
Arthur:No, I have to judge it for my self.
While you're all asleep in 528,I wait for Yusuf's kick.

Ariadne:Well,how will you know

Arthur:This music warns me and then when the van hits the barrier of the bridge, that should be unmistakable.

So we get a nice synchronized kick.

lf it's too soon,we won't get pulled out.

But if it's too late,l won't be able to drop us.

Ariadne:Well-why not?
Arthur:Bcoz the van will be in free fall. Can't drop you without gravity.

( Fischer and Cobb Enters in Fifth floor )

Cobb to Fisher by showing Ariadne and Arthur:They are with me,Go on (Enters in room 528)

They're with me. Go on.  

Arthur to Cobb(handing over the machine briefcase): Mr. Charles.

Cobb to Fischer:Do you know what this is Mr.Fischer?
Fischer:I think So.
Cobb:They were trying to put you under

Fischer:I'm already under.
Cobb:under again

Fischer:What do you mean, A dream within a dream?

Eames as Browning will be Entering in room 591 (actually who is pulled by Arthur)
Fischer:uncle Peter.
Cobb to Fischer:You Said that you kidnapped together.

Fischer:Well not exactly, they already had him.They were torturing him.
Cobb:And you saw them torture him?

Fischer(shakes head):The kidnappers are working for you?

Browning(Eames):Robert (Michael Fischer)

Fischer:You're trying to get that safe open?
To get the alternate will?

Browning:Fischer Morrow has been my entire life.
l can't let you destroy it.

Fischer:l'm not gonna throw away my inheritance.why would I ?

Browning:l couldn't let you rise to your father's last taunt.

Fischer:What Taunt
Browning:The Will,Robert,,,That Will,That's his last insult.

A challenge for you to build something for telling you you're not worthy
of his accomplishments.

Fischer:What.but that he was disappointed
Browning:I'm sorry.But he's wrong.You can build a better company
than he ever did.

(Cobb says during the Training programme that because he think positive emotion
trumps negative emotion every time...On the top level, we open up
his relationship with his father...

...and say, ''l will not follow
in my father's footsteps.''

Then the next level down, we feed him,
''l will create something for myself.''

Then, by the time we hit the bottom level,
we bring out the big guns.

-''My father doesn't want me to be him.''
Cobb:Mr. Fischer? He's lying.
Fischer:How do you know
Cobb:Trust me, It's what I do.

Cobb:He's hiding something and we need to find out what that is.
I need you to do the same thing to him that he was going to do to you.

We'll enter his(Browning's) subconscious and find out what he doesn't want you to know.

Fischer:All right.(machine hissing)

Cobb:He's out.

Ariadne:Whose subconscious are we going into exactly?

Cobb:We're going into Fischer's.I told him it was Browning's.So he'd be a part of our team.
Arthur:he's gonna help us break into own Subconscious

(This is the Crucial part and positive change of the Film coz..they guy to whom Cobb's Team is planting(Fischer) the idea and finally falls to cobb's Trap and he is the another member in the team now)

Arthur:He's gonna help us break into his own subconscious.

Cobb:That's right.

Eames:Security's gonna run you down hard.

Arthur:And I will lead them on a merry chase.
Eames to Arthur:just be back before the kick.

Arthur:You good?

Hey. You ready?

Cobb:Yes, yes. I'm fine. I'm ready. (Cobb's getting some disturbance due to his projections before going down)

Arthur Stays in level 2 and Wait for the kick!


  1. Cobb Tells Fischer that he is dreaming and kidnappers want to extract information from him,later on he make him believe that his subconscious is being under attack from Browning                                         
  2. Fischer falls to Cobbs Trap and agrees to enter Browning's subconscious(Cobb will say so to Fischer-Actually it's the Forger Eames Dream as Browning) and thus entering another level all the while as the team face challenges from the projections                     (The second they get into the next level dream his security's gonna be all over the Team..The projections are gonna start to converge on the Them..His(Target's) security is gonna get worse as the Team goes deeper
Significance of 528491 is Fischer need to know a number (combination) to open the safe lock of Maurice Fisher (The Will). Cobb& his team gets a combination during kidnapping in level 1

and as a practice in each level they interpret the combination in other external means to finally unlock and there by completing the job called Inception.


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